🎵 I think I’ve found my summer jam! Pachyman In Dub by Pachyman

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Briggs satirises white privilege, Mojo Juju shuts everyone up and Gurrumul stirs the heart in this week’s kites can’t jive: the playlist, filled top to bottom with Indigenous Australian artists. 🎵

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🎵 Old Bands In The News justgoodmusic.philpin.com
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This week’s ABGT is rather nice… 🎵

ABGT 339

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🎵 Playboys - Midland → music.apple.com

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🎵 Billie Eilish Is the Kate Bush We Need Right Now

”Eilish is an outlier who arrived at a time of need: Despite her couture-in-a-blender look, “

(my bold)

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You wait decades for one history of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, then two come along at once. Both are reviewed in The Irish Times 🎶🎹📚

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Checked in at Tom Malone's Pub & Market House. 🎶 — with Jessica adactio.com
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Checked in at Tom Malone's Pub & Market House. 🎵 — with Jessica adactio.com
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If you want to get things done Subculture is a mixed album that does the job nicely. High vibrational trance. It’s got integrity and heart. It gets me going and keeps me there. Then it drives me on. 🎶😍🎶

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Proper UK dubstep has always been a favorite genre of mine. Mysterious, minimal, dark, sexy, underground. Oh, and the sub-bass tickles my ears. 😁🎶

YouTube: Mala at the Boiler Room, London (DJ Set)

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Train Wreck - Sarah McLachlan 🎵🎙 theweeklylisten.com
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On the latest Weekly Listen: Sarah McLachlan’s Train Wreck. This song just speaks to me.

The Weekly Listen: “Train Wreck - Sarah McLachlan 🎵🎙 theweeklylisten.com” www.theweeklylisten.com/2019/07/1…

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🎵 Return To Centre (Kirin J Callinan) collect.readwriterespond.com
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🎵 Luna Low (Art of Fighting) collect.readwriterespond.com
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🎵 Homework (Daft Punk) collect.readwriterespond.com
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🎵 Late Night Feelings (Mark Ronson) collect.readwriterespond.com
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🎵 Remain in Light (Talking Heads) collect.readwriterespond.com
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Apple curated a Chill Mix for me this week that has been awesome for background listening. 🎶 🎵

Chill Mix

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🎵 Run-DMC, “Raising Hell

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I listened to this classic. 😅

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Checked in at Clery's. 🎶 — with Jessica adactio.com
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Checked in at Hillery's. 🎵 — with Jessica adactio.com
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Listening to Ludovico Einaudi’s🎵 Seven Days Walking: Day 1

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Easy, Tiger, don’t you cry.
People gonna love you, then they’re gonna leave you.
That’s just the way of life.

🎵 Easy Tiger // Billy Raffoul — Easy Tiger – Single (2019)
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🎵 Screaming Trees, “Sweet Oblivion

Seminal, yet I still feel it doesn’t get namedropped enough.

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As a little kid, I identified summer fun with having a big bottle of soda while listening to a song like this one.

🎵 comethru // Jeremy Zucker — summer, – EP (2018)
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Can’t stop listening to “Love Again” by Daniel Caesar feat. Brandy. To be honest, I’ve had Tracks 2, 3, and 4 on a loop all day. 🎵

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Cork Jazz Festival (like most jazz festivals) is again programming rock and R&B acts to bring in the punters. I’m OK with that: there’s usually only a handful of acts I’d want to see anyway (in this case, Fred Hersch 🎹). I don’t care what kind of music the others play 🎶

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The shitty allow-storage-access-by-user-activation is what stops the embedded players from playing Apple Music tracks! Now it’s gone! Play your music loud, boys and gals!!!

🎵 Instalaçao do Samba (Drum & Bossa) // Toco — Instalaçao do Samba (2004)
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There’s a noise reverberating through the Crowne Plaza (elevator, maybe?) that sounds like God is a DJ. 🎵🤣 #MennoCon19

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🎵 Just updated the contributors page on Just Good Music - 10 authors in total - we have a couple more registered - but they have yet to throw up a post. Wonderful to see the variety of music being written about.

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🎵 Galactic Nightmare – Interstellar Adventures from Hull justgoodmusic.philpin.com
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🎵 Happy Freedom Day justgoodmusic.philpin.com
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🎶 The Prodigy - Music For A Jilted Generation This seminal album is 25 years old today. I think The Prodigy might be one of my all-time favorite acts. Their music has such a distinct sound and identity that no one has ever really been able to copy. Gonna spend the evening appreciating ... rzr.micro.blog
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I just went on a music adventure with KODO. This song I really love. It’s ancient yet jazzy. I felt I was in Robin Hood country too. What a mix. The grounding beats lifted my spirit. I felt full of fire. 🎶

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This week, I tackle Haken’s Lapse, from their Affinity Album.

The Weekly Listen: “Lapse - Haken 🎵🎙 theweeklylisten.com” www.theweeklylisten.com/2019/07/0…

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🎶 Inchworm, Inchworm / Totting up the / Lilycount 🎵

#lilycount 21 (Full disclosure: As far as I know there is no inchworm in this picture.)

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🎵 Sambassadeur - Foot of Afrikka: This song, which evokes imagery of the burning sun of Africa, goes as well with summer as walking bare foot in freshly cut grass while drinking a glass of lemonade. Sambassadeur’s Swedish indie pop has a kind of gentle forcefulness to it. On this track... frostedechoes.com
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On the Connection Between Megan Rapinoe and Nipsey Hussle ⚽️🎶 evergreenpost.net
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